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Do you want to take your successful and busy practice to new heights and in doing so, realise that you’ll need more support?

We work with a select group of professional service providers doing just that, support. Having been in business since 1998 we offer a full range of virtual assistant services but we don’t stop there. Our focus is adding value to your business.

Together with my team of contractors, we’ll bring you the best advice, tools and support that the virtual world has available to help you improve your operations and processes, handle your overwhelm and ultimately, take your business to new heights.

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Latest Blog Posts

The Mighty Wishlist (an entrepreneur’s BFF)

Justine Parsons on 04 February 2016

I always enjoy my strategy sessions with clients but at this time of year in particular they are fantastic.  You’ve had time to reflect on last year (the good, the bad and the ugly) and you’re full of ideas as to how this year’s going to go.  Today during one such session I talked about more…

My Most Successful Clients Have Face Time

Justine Parsons on 25 November 2015

As many professional service providers move towards leveraging their time better with online programmes and products, mastermind groups, webinars and group chats there’s a trend emerging. My most successful clients and the ones who command the most money for their services are those who provide face time for their clients.  Sitting down with them, one-on-one and more…

How You Communicate In Your Emails …

Justine Parsons on 18 November 2015

How you communicate in your emails is how you are perceived.  As a person.  As a company. We do a lot of email and diary management for clients and the most important thing for us before we start is knowing how they communicate in their emails and who are they communicating with?  We talked last week about more…

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