Your Virtual Assistant

By outsourcing to a VA you will realise what many other small businesses already enjoy, that hiring the right Virtual Assistant for your business has enormous benefits.

With a virtual assistant as part of your support team you can enjoy the experienced services of an online personal assistant assisting you with those projects and routine tasks, freeing you up to do what you do best.

Timely, experienced and cost effective administration, accounts, secretarial and marketing support provided on an as needed basis.

Discover how Your Virtual Assistant can help you in your business. Go to the Services page to find out more or contact us now with your enquiry.

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Every Superhero Needs a Good Side-kick!

Justine Parsons on 03 December 2014

You’ve done amazing work with your business.  You’ve kept your expenses down and have built up a healthy client base.  You’ve done all this yourself, because … you are a superhero!!  Everyone who has built a successful business is a superhero in my book.  It takes careful management of your work-life balance, the ability to more…

8 Branding Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Justine Parsons on 26 November 2014

Branding mistakes have been made by the very biggest companies. When the No. 2 burger chain debuted its “King” mascot, executives undoubtedly thought the quirky campaign would increase sales. Apparently it never occurred to anybody that creeping people out probably won’t make them hungry for fast food. Net effect: Burger King slipped to No. 3. more…

5 Business Regrets

Justine Parsons on 14 November 2014

Listening to the radio yesterday afternoon on a long (long) drive into the CBD they were talking about what a nurse had said were the 10 most common regrets patients had talked about before they passed.  Morbid huh!  But it got me thinking about 5 things (I couldn’t come up with 10!) I would change about more…

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