Your Virtual Assistant

By outsourcing to a VA you will realise what many other small businesses already enjoy, that hiring the right Virtual Assistant for your business has enormous benefits.

With a virtual assistant as part of your support team you can enjoy the experienced services of an online personal assistant assisting you with those projects and routine tasks, freeing you up to do what you do best.

Timely, experienced and cost effective administration, accounts, secretarial and marketing support provided on an as needed basis.

Discover how Your Virtual Assistant can help you in your business. Go to the Services page to find out more or contact us now with your enquiry.

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Does Your Website Designer Wear Horns Or A Halo?

Justine Parsons on 30 September 2014

I’ve had 3 new clients come to me in the past month with web designer horror stories.  Big money involved, very frustrated and angry clients at the finish line.  What to do? Before you start Not all designers are created equal and price does not necessarily relate to quality.  As you send your brief out more…

It’s Not Right For You (The Script)

Justine Parsons on 24 September 2014

I’m a huge fan of The Script, listening to them as the puppy and I head around the fields each morning puts my head in a great space before the day ahead.  Their new album was released this week and one song in particular really said something to me, “It’s not right for you”.  The more…

Are We A Nation Of Do It Yourself Business Owners?

Justine Parsons on 17 September 2014

Kiwis, we rock at the number 8 mentality both in our personal life and in business, but can this hold us back?  It’s only recently that I’ve sought outside help in growing my business and in doing so, have made so many wins.  Until you do seek skills you don’t realise how much you’re holding more…

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