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By outsourcing to a VA you will realise what many other small businesses already enjoy, that hiring the right Virtual Assistant for your business has enormous benefits.

With a virtual assistant as part of your support team you can enjoy the experienced services of an online personal assistant assisting you with those projects and routine tasks, freeing you up to do what you do best.

Timely, experienced and cost effective administration, accounts, secretarial and marketing support provided on an as needed basis.

Discover how Your Virtual Assistant can help you in your business. Go to the Services page to find out more or contact us now with your enquiry.

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High Maintenance Clients: Save or Delete?

Justine Parsons on 25 March 2015

I’m a firm advocate of working with your ideal clients, but I constantly hear from my own clients about their own ‘high maintenance’ clients.  You know; those clients of yours who are constantly on the phone, they change their mind – constantly, they can be so very hard to get a decision from … clients more…

Did you ….

Justine Parsons on 20 March 2015

live today like there’s no tomorrow? smile at someone? tick off a task? set a goal? reach a goal? solve a customer’s problem? say thanks? say sorry? take some time for you? give your kids a hug? do something amazing? make an improvement in your business? refer someone connect two people in your network? have more…

We Are In Business, To Make Money

Justine Parsons on 11 March 2015

We are all in business in order to make money.  There’s no escaping that. It may not be the only reason we are slogging away but if we are not making money, we don’t have a business, and we won’t be able to achieve all our other goals.  I own a successful virtual assistant business more…

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