10 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Assistant …. really!

June 19, 2012

10 reasons why you need a virtual assistantby Justine Parsons


I’m not one to self promote, this blog is dedicated to sharing information to help you work on your business … however … this blog is a piece of shameless promotion highlighting your desperate need for a Virtual Assistant.  It’s task two of my blog homework, I need to format a blog in a list and the sand in the hour glass grows short.  So, I think – what can I blog about that I believe in passionately, is an easy post to create and provides value … virtual assistants!

Here’s my 10 reasons why you need a virtual assistant

  1. You are spreading yourself too thin; you are multi-tasking to the point of madness instead of concentrating on your strengths.
  2. You dread facing your to-do list at the start of each day.  The magic elves have not appeared overnight and made those shoes for you.
  3. You have projects and plans that keep getting put on the back-burner.
  4. You need someone who really cares about your business, and its success.
  5. You really need to take on staff but can’t afford the risk in this climate.
  6. You nearly missed an important deadline.
  7. You want to be more professional, but this takes time you don’t have.
  8. You need help to strike a better work:life balance (which shouldn’t include working nights and weekends)
  9. You aren’t spending enough time working ON your business.
  10. You think I’d be pretty cool to work with!

Done!  That in a nutshell is why you need a VA me.

Can you think of reasons I’ve missed why a virtual assistant would be great for you?  Have you used one before … if so, what did you think?


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