10 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Video

August 9, 2012

If a picture is worth a thousand words….

video is worth even more

Ways you can use video on your website

by Justine Parsons


98% of communication is visual, you cannot afford not to have your business on video…and online!  Not convinced? Here’s some food for thought…

  1. Forrester Research found that videos were 53 times more likely than traditional web pages to receive an organic first-page ranking.
  2. People like things to be explained and sold to them. Other than face to face meetings, video is the best way to “sell it”.
  3. It will increase your T.O.S. (Time On Site) measurement that Google, Yahoo and Bing rank. On average people initially can spend 8 to 20seconds on a site. Having a video after the second or third paragraph of you website or blog, will entice people view  and bang your average T.O.S. becomes 3 to 4 minutes.
  4. A video is a follow up sales call. Send it to your database and if it’s informative and entertaining enough it becomes a “Viral Marketing Machine”.
  5. It’s vital that you put your keywords in the title of the video for SEO purposes. Also submit to other video sharing sites as well as YouTube.
  6. Online Videos can increase your credibility and will give the perception that you are a “Bigger Player”. “It’s just the way consumers are programmed to think!”
  7. It’s personal and intimate. You can introduce yourself and your product, building “trust and traffic”.
  8. Your customers can view your videos on mobiles at their leisure.
  9. It can be used tactically with price promotions, is relatively cheap to produce and it’s immediately out there.
  10. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to create a video; many consumers say that slick, overproduced videos are a turn off. Content and authenticity are far more important. It’s about showing passion for your business.

That’s the why sorted which leaves the how.  The presentation above shows creative ways you have used video successfully to boost your online sales.  Would you / do you use video?

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