10 Tips For A More Professional PowerPoint Presentation

May 2, 2012

by Justine Parsons


I am often asked to tidy up, brand or improve PowerPoint presentations and while there are alternatives like Prezi which add another dimension to a standard presentation, many companies prefer PowerPoint for ease of use, familiarity and the integration with Microsoft Word and Excel.

PowerPoint Presentations [your tips start here]:

  1. Create a template which contains a slide each for charts, graphs, bullets, images.  This will save you time in the future, ensure consistency throughout your presentations and reduce opportunity for error.Professional PowerPoint Presentations [wow your audience]
  2. Decide on a style set for your template.  Choose an easy to read font and maintain your font size, type and colour as well as your design colour palette throughout your template.
  3. Automate your presentation.  If you are embedding an Excel table, link via ‘Insert Object’ so that as your table is updated, so too is your presentation.
  4. Use Hyperlinks to link support documents to your presentation.
  5. KISS – yes, keep it simple stupid!  While effects used wisely will create impact, over formatting will detract from your content.  Let your content shine.
  6. Convert to a video.  If your PowerPoint presentation is a tutorial, product information or for public use, converting to a video (no singing in the background!) and uploading to YouTube or embedding to your web or blog will maximise your reach.
  7. It may be better to break a busy slide into two.  Keep plenty of ‘white space’ on your slide design to make it easy for the eye to pick up information.
  8. Keep your content brief and relevant.  Try to use keywords rather than sentences to hold audience attention.
  9. Use images wisely.  You should have more images than text however choose images to emphasise your content rather than decorate your slides.
  10. Be your own audience.  Put yourself in the position of the audience your presentation is aimed at and answer the following questions
    • What do they know?
    • What do you need to tell them?
    • What do they expect?
    • What will be interesting to them?
    • What can you teach them?
    • What will keep them focused?


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