3 Basics of Online Marketing: Site, Blog and Newsletters

August 7, 2011

by Justine Parsons
A question I am often asked by new clients is “What do I need?  A newsletter or a blog site.”
My answer is always, “Both!”.  A newsletter, blog and website each have their own function, and work together to create part of your marketing cycle.   Your blog and newsletter work together to draw traffic to your website; where you have a funnel in place which quickly leads the visitor through relevant information to your contact page.
The following table outlines (very simply) the function and content of your site, blog and newsletter.
Website Blog Newsletter
Role Inform Educate Promote
Content Information about your company, services, pricing and contact information (often static information) Articles to promote your services of interest to your target demographic, link back to website for more information Specials, company news, new product or service, promote blog articles, links to blog and site
Audience Search engine traffic, existing customers, prospects Social network connections, prospects, customers, search engine traffic Existing customers, “Opt In” Readers
  • Use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google + to promote your articles and newsletters, increasing your readership and RSS followers.  
  • Remember to use keywords in your blog articles to maximise search engine optimisation.
  • Use online programs for your newsletters which provide analysis on your reader behaviour to measure what your readers are interested in. (www.mailchimp.com is a good program as is www.constantcontact.com).
  • Insert newsletter ‘opt in’ forms on your website, blog and Facebook pages.
Please contact me directly for specific information on how using your blog, newsletters and website can best promote your company’s products and services.

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