3 Ways To Tackle The Tasks You Don’t Love

May 30, 2013

by Justine Parsons

We all have tasks we need to do which we don’t look forward to.  Those ‘carried forward’ jobs which move with the pages in your diary, little rain clouds hovering in our subconscious!  Here’s 3 ways I tackle those tasks, the to-dos to don’ts!


Tip #1: Get it out of the way!

Make your to don’t the first tasks you do at the start of each day.

The ‘morning you’ is fresh, not distracted and generally in a better state of mind to tackle these tasks.  By ticking them off your list you will feel good about yourself and be totally guilt free as you move onto the good stuff!

Tip #2: Pop on your rose tinted glasses … it’s in how you look at the task

Try looking at these tasks with rose tinted glasses.  Turn a difficult or dull task into part of a bigger process.

For example: I had been putting off a phone call to a client to suggest they ‘go elsewhere’.  Now I’m absolutely crap at this kind of thing but once I focused on why I was doing this – I work only with clients who fit my profile (great personality being part of that profile!).  So I thought of the end result of this phone call and where it fitted into my overall strategy. I made the call.

Tip #3: Have fun

Turn your ‘to don’t’ into a challenge.  Set yourself a goal and dig deep.

For example: Your accounts are due.  Set yourself a time to beat – if you beat that time declare yourself the winner!

Putting it off today puts pressure on your tomorrow.

You don’t need that pressure.

Your turn: Do you have to don’ts on your list – how do you deal with them?

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