5 Reasons Why I’m Crap At Outsourcing

October 4, 2013

5 Reasons Why I'm Crap At OutsourcingOutsourcing is what I do, I rely on your ability and desire to outsource to keep the wheels of my business turning.  Yet, I’m crap at it myself!  I can tell you exactly what, when, how and why you delegate tasks in order to increase your efficiency, productivity … and sanity … yet it’s sometimes a case of do as I say not what I do!

I work with a team of fantastic, talented ladies.  I use a job sheet system in conjunction with Freshbooks (time tracking & accounting software) to allocate tasks to my team and with many tasks it’s easy peasy.  Format a Word doc, send a mail merge, write a blog post … I have the system in place to make this seamless.  Where I run into trouble though is my funnel.  With all new clients I do all tasks for the first month in order to learn about their business, their preferences and their tools. This helps me to support my contractors once I pass the work on and it’s the end of this first month where I come unstuck … the handing over part.  It’s a weakness and I’m working on it, but there it is.

If you recognise any of the following characteristics in yourself worry not.  If you recognise the problem you can then work on the solution.  Check out “Too busy to hear yourself think?” for some ways you can free yourself up … short term and long term.

5 Reasons I’m Crap At Outsourcing


1.  It’s quicker to do it myself.

It’s not!!!  Take the time to document a procedure the first time you do it and outsource.  If you do a 10 minute task 6 times, that’s an hour of your time … gone!

2.  I do it better myself.

Who am I kidding!  If you surround yourself with a talented team the onus comes off you.  Their talent adds value to your output.

3.  It’s cheaper to do it myself.

Is your time better spent loading accounts into Xero or spending time with clients and building your business?  Look at how valuable your time is and cost the tasks accordingly.

4.  I’m too busy to outsource.

An oxymoron!  By taking time to outsource I am therefore going to be less busy.

5.  I don’t need to outsource, I’m getting through my workload.

This is the clincher for me.  I keep up with client work and provide a kick ass (if you’ll forgive my massive ego) service.  I outsource many client projects but there is scope to outsource so much more.  Where I do not do as I say and not as I do is outsource to cover my own business activities.

Here’s a list of questions I’ve put to myself tonight and the reason why I’m writing this article.  The penny dropped with a clang when I actually listed down what’s not happening in my business.

  • Am I paying attention to the financial side of my business in terms of budgeting, forecasting, measuring and analysis?  NO
  • Am I blogging and sending out my newsletters on time, every time?  NO
  • Is my social media strategy being followed, consistently?  NO
  • Have I updated my business plan, my mission and vision statements this year?  NO
  • Am I following up on quotes and proposals?  NO
  • Am I surveying customers to measure satisfaction and get feedback about my service?  NO
  • Are all my procedures up to date and accurate?  NO

And this my friend is why I’m crap at outsourcing!  It is a lot cheaper for me to outsource aspects of the above to my team.  It is costing me in terms of missed opportunities and focused business growth to have answered the above with no’s.

My question to you this week is what aspects of your business get pushed aside because you aren’t outsourcing in order to free up your own time?

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