6 Ways to Update Your LinkedIn Profile

November 14, 2011

5 ways to update your LinkedIn profileby Justine Parsons


When was the last time you viewed your LinkedIn profile as a prospective connection, employer or client?  Does it show all your skills, achievements and keywords as they apply today?  Does it compare well against other profiles in your field?

If you look at My LinkedIn profile, it lists skills, experience and keywords relevant to my market and to the connections I am looking to attract.  It is also updated as I learn new skills, add services and by using LinkedIn applications, my Twitter and Blog feeds are fed to the profile.

Here are 6 ways to update your LinkedIn profile

Be visual  One of the first things people see when they click on your LinkedIn profile is your headshot. Is your photo current, professional, high quality?  Tip:  Take a new photo in career context, if you are a personal trainer, take a photo in the gym.  If you are a realtor, take your photo next to a sold sign outside your latest sold property.  This immediately places you in context and makes you memorable.

Be innovative  Another smart way to perk up your profile is to add some LinkedIn Applications. If you travel frequently, try TripIt, which enables you to share your travel itineraries and potentially set up appointments and build deeper relationships with LinkedIn connections in the cities you visit. If you’re a visual type, consider SlideShare or Google Presentation, which allow you to add presentations to your profile. The overall goal of adding more applications is to give people as many reasons as possible to find something in common with you.

Be social  Sort through your contacts and remove those connections you may have added in the “early” days to have more contacts to improve your overall credibility.  Aim for quality, not quantity.   Do the same for groups, if you haven’t actively participated in the last three months, delete the group.

Be specific

  • Sometimes a profile bio can be too broad. By stating “I can do this, I can do that” you end up diluted.
  • Focus on industries and sectors
  • Tweak your content to your target audience
  • Be relevant to your audience
  • Maintain the integrity of how you describe yourself and what you do

Be optimised  Have your profile proofread and reviewed by a neutral third-party, or a Virtual Assistant! We can help you “fine-tune” your profile to the result you want: not everybody on LinkedIn is there to look for a job, for example, but you may want to attract traffic to your profile to promote your current activity, or as part of a global internet promotion campaign for your current company. In this case (for example) if you have worked for a competing company in the past you could tone that down.

Be seen  Promote your profile on your website, blog and other social media networks.  The LinkedIn Developer Network has many profile badges for you to choose from.

Have you used other ways to keep your profile fresh and current?  Please share!


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