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Our team of virtual assistants and online business managers

Meet the team

When you partner with Your Virtual Assistant you partner with a full office suite.

Our virtual assistants and online business managers are seasoned strategists, project managers and … your future business champions, supported by Justine on one hand, and our expert ‘heroes’ on the other. We have an internal open door policy, we collaborate (all the time!) and we make sure your personality and requirements are closely matched with the VA you’ll be working with.


Vision Champion
What keeps me passionate about being a VA is the fact that I’m surrounded by positive, brilliant and motivated people, both within our team and in the clients we support. I enjoy time spent face-to-face with clients, finding out what the next goal is for them and brainstorming strategies to achieve these.


Product Champion
I provide end-to-end social content creation and management, I also specialise in systems and operations refinement. My expertise lies in creating and producing targeted content and managing the systems and processes that deliver that content at the right time, in the right place.


Service Champion
I have a background in travel management, copy writing, proof reading, blogging and website edits. I'm something of a perfectionist and am adept at managing my time and multi-tasking. Job satisfaction for me is completing a job to the highest standard possible and achieving a result for my client.


Client Champion
I'm an ideas woman who loves to problem solve and make life easier for my clients. I don't shy away from learning new things; from systems to applications to researching industries and best practice. I am a freelance writer and specialise in ghostwriting and editing. I'm an outside-the-box thinker and expert communicator.


Client Champion
I am a creative person with extensive event management experience and an absolute stickler for detail! I enjoy digging into the goals of a project so that I can develop the best possible plan to not only meet those goals, but exceed them. I take extreme pride in delivering projects on time and on budget.


Client Champion
My main objective is to provide reliable and accurate administrative assistance. Customer satisfaction is highly important to me and I have a willingness to learn new skills in order to provide improved customer support. I appreciate the relationship I have with my clients, and look to add value wherever possible.


Client Champion
I love analysing information and presenting it in a relatable and presentable way. I thrive on delving deeper to identify the 'why' of a project, to develop the right strategy and then implement the solution. So yes, I’m analytical, and proud of my strong planning, communication and administration skills.


Client Champion
The work I do is often a client’s livelihood, so I handle tasks with the utmost care and attention. My skills are varied, so you could call me Content Magician, Detail Warden, Event Guru and the Duchess of Stick-to-it-ive-ness — because when things get tough, I get tougher!


Client Champion
My focus is social media and online marketing. I build connections between you and your audience using social media. But don’t peg me as just marketing – I’m a dark horse when it comes to skills and can manage projects and handle any admin project that comes my way.


Digital Hero
I am a creative, I put together designs that represent businesses in a consistent manner relevant to their existing branding. Or develop new concepts to give the business a lift from its existing skins. I am also adaptable to researching and finding ways around challenges or learning new skills.


Social Hero
I enjoy the ever changing online world and love that nothing stays the same. I have a background in retail, banking, SEO and social media marketing which gives me a range of skills to provide clients with in order to get their businesses moving with the times.


Xero Hero
I find great satisfaction in making numbers ‘add up’. I see patterns in the chaos and take great satisfaction in making something complicated become simple and understandable. I’m able to speak 3 languages which again comes down to great pattern recognition (and being Italian!).


HR Hero
I love doing work that most people don't…the behind the scenes stuff! Dotting i's and crossing t's to ensure the end product is detailed and accurate. I hope that by doing the ground-work the client can concentrate on other aspects of the business to create profitability.


Visual Hero
I specialise in assisting clients with branding — everything from logos, presentations to website images and graphics. I love to integrate your brand throughout your system by creating templates which allow for fast development of new material within branding guidelines. Consistency is KING!