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Zeco Energy and Zeco Industrial: Energy storage systems
jag makam

Jag Makam

Director of Zeco Energy and Zeco Industrial

Faced with a need to find someone with a broad range of skills but concerned about the cost of hiring in-house support to match the skills required, Director of two businesses, Zeco Energy and Zeco Industrial, Jag Makam decided to outsource.

Having worked with Justine and her team in the past, Jag was confident Your Virtual Assistant had the skills he needed at an affordable price.

Battery Specialists, Zeco Energy provides energy storage systems to both businesses and homes around Australia, and is the distributor of Samsung off-grid / on-grid products and Lithium Iron battery powered forklifts in Australia. Zeco Industrial is the exclusive distributor throughout Australia for the BYD range of revolutionary forklifts.

Your VA took on Zeco's document formatting and branding, social media management and helped drive the company's sales calls project and email follow-ups throughout Australia. Your VA's assistance in managing Zeco's database has been invaluable to Zeco Energy, saving them time and providing them with a current list of potential customers.

zeco energy

“Your VA offers a variety of back office and front office skills like web development, social media, administration, customer calling and surveys.”

Along with a broad range of skills and experience working in a number of industries, Your VA's prompt service and commitment to “getting the job done” has meant Jag can focus his resources on building his business's reputation as experts in energy storage systems.

“The support from Your VA has helped convert our fixed resource requirements into variable costs which means we spend money on resources only when we need to and have “Quality Resources on tap”. In business you rent accommodation, you rent a car, you rent transport providers; so why not rent administration and marketing skills when you need them?”

“Starting with Your VA was easy. Customer experience is the key in every industry and every business these days. Our customer experience with Your VA has been excellent!”

Kaleidoscope Marketing: Marketing Solutions for Professional Service Providers

Kirsten Hodgson marketing for professionals

Kirsten Hodgson

Owner of Kaleidoscope Marketing

With an increasingly demanding business and a young family to take care of, Kirsten Hodgson, professional services marketing specialist and owner of Kaleidoscope Marketing, was struggling to meet client commitments on time. Kirsten's day to day tasks were detracting from her core business focus, and taking her longer to complete than necessary.

Kaleidoscope Marketing has been in operation since 2004, helping professionals retain and grow their existing and new clients, as a professional services marketing specialist, and LinkedIn trainer.

Kirsten needed to make a radical change to the way she had always done things and free up her time, allowing her to concentrate on meeting client commitments. Tasks like formatting documents, compiling presentations, transcribing interviews, website and social media administration, as well as sourcing suppliers and booking flights, while important and necessary to the business, were taking up too much of Kirsten's time; outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant just made sense.

After connecting with Justine from Your VA on LinkedIn, Kirsten hasn't looked back. “I was initially worried that it would take me longer to explain each task than it would to do it myself, but I soon realised if I wanted to free up more time to do the things only I could do, I'd need to invest in bringing someone up to speed in the short term.”

kaleidoscope marketing screen

“Justine quickly got up to speed with my business and way of working. I regularly asked her what I could do to make things easier for her and we quickly got into a pattern where I could explain things via email or a short phone call and she'd pick projects up from there.”

Your VA worked with Kirsten to put processes and templates in place that helped cut back on the amount of time Kirsten needed to spend on these. Working closely with Kirsten, Your VA provided solutions, advice and a second opinion around work-related issues affecting the business. As a result, Kirsten has more time to spend focusing on her core skill set and is not being distracted by the everyday, necessary tasks.

“It's fantastic to be able to work with someone who can turn her hand to so many different things or who can find other people to help. Your VA is a vital part of my business and has freed me up so that I'm now able to focus my time on the right things.”

“If you're looking for a bright, reliable VA who's easy to work with and has a diverse skill set, I'd recommend Your VA – every time!”

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SIMTICS: Learning by doing, online
Cherry Vanderbeke SIMTICS

Cherry Vanderbeke


Handling the everyday lower level administration was not the best use of SIMTICS' CEO Cherry Vanderbeke's time. With a growing company demanding her focus and attention, Cherry needed help managing the day to day email support SIMTICS provides to webshop subscribers, as well as CRM maintenance, personal assistance, content marketing and other routine but critical tasks.

Using online technology with interactive, web-based simulations, SIMTICS helps students and staff learn and practice clinical and imaging procedures, then test their skills and knowledge online, anytime and anywhere.

Cherry desperately needed to free up her time to make more sales and focus her energy on growing her business. Having already seen some of Justine's engagement in LinkedIn groups, Cherry was impressed with Justine's approach in helping group members, and connected with Justine on LinkedIn.

Simitics website

Your VA expanded on Cherry's original procedures to produce a manual which has become SIMTICS' 'Bible', a working document that outlines many of the company's operating procedures and processes.

Your VA took over the daily email management of SIMTICS' support email account, responding to queries and escalating any issues; being online when US based SIMTICS weren't and freeing up Cherry's time to focus her skills on business development.

“It was worthwhile investing the time writing out the procedures and documenting step by step what it is we needed Your VA to work on.”

“Being able to respond to our subscribers quickly is critical to our business. Your VA helps by being online when we're not and responding to issues or escalating them before we've even had a chance to get involved. It really helps our entire business engine keep rolling on.”

“Knowing that things are just happening in the background without me having to worry about them is just brilliant. Our business is so reliant on responding quickly.”

“I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Your VA's services. I know that, with the breadth of skill-set across your wider team, you never let me down when I need help.”

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