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October 1, 2010

The .com domains are mostly gone. It’s almost impossible to find a good one these days with more than 90 million of them already taken. Tens of thousands of people are already estimated to be pre-registered for .CO domains.

“Today’s launch of the .CO domain represents the next phase in the growth and development of the Internet. The .CO domain will create new opportunities in global commerce, content development, social media and other forms of interactivity, which will enrich the overall Internet experience for everyone.” — Juan Diego Calle, CEO of .CO Internet.

This new batch of .CO domain names will enable individuals, businesses and organizations to acquire global, credible, and easily recognizable domain names that fit their online business or branding needs. The average person or brand has to cycle through an endless number of domains before finally choosing one that they are not really happy with. Some companies see this as more than just simple brand protection. Rather than trying to simply hold onto their current brand, they are looking to extend their brand or expand their online offerings in a way that wasn’t possible before due to the limitations in domain names. For example, Overstock.com paid $350,000 to acquire ‘O.CO ’ to target new audiences and expand its global brand.

“The O.CO domain presented us with an unprecedented opportunity to add a meaningful online presence that will enhance recognition for the “O” brand, align with current marketing initiatives, and make it easier for shoppers to find our products and services online. Dollar for dollar, it’s a homerun and well worth the investment because it reinforces among consumers that ‘O’ is synonymous with ‘Overstock’.” — Overstock.com Chairman and CEO Patrick Byrne.

.CO domains come with added security to prevent abuse. .CO domain ownership will be highly transparent and they’ve instituted a Rapid Takedown Policy to suspend or remove domains in cases where phishing, pharming, malware, or other significant criminal and/or security threats have been established. When it comes down to it, .CO breathes a breath of fresh air into the stagnant domain market. Not only is it opening a bunch of new names with a globally recognizable TLD, but it’s also opening possibilities.
.CO domains are now available at:
to name a few.

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