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July 2, 2013

The hidden benefit of content marketingContent marketing would have to be one of the buzz phrases for 2013, but it’s not just about the marketing.  In order to tweet, update, share and discuss the articles you are using to educate and raise your profile as the expert you obviously are – you need to read those articles!

Yes, you heard me.  Read the articles.

While headlines and titles capture your clicks, your networks don’t just want you to share the link…they want to know what you think about the article.

That’s where the real benefit to you comes in.  By reading the articles you share, you learn; and with technology and the wide, wide world changing so quickly – no matter whether your a business coach, a plumber or in HR – you need to spend time learning in order to keep up.

Here’s how to incorporate what you are learning as you select content for your marketing:

1. Using your news feed, scroll through to find the content you want to share.

2. As you read the articles you will come across tips, tutorials, new tools and information you can use in your business.

3. Copy and paste this information into working documents.  These can be in the format of a Word file, Evernote or Dropbox folder, procedure, blog content calendar ….

For example: I have a procedure on marketing blog posts.  As I come across new information or tools which improve the way I market blogs, I amend my procedure.  This is a working document I share with clients and contractors so changes are implemented smoothly and most important … not forgotten or contained only in my head (where information tends to be transient).  In my case I’ll update my procedure and save the article to a similar folder in Evernote so I can link to the entire article there from my procedure.

As a result, while I am promoting myself through content marketing I am at the same time educating and improving my processes.  With the sheer volume of information out there, for me it works to capture what I can to improve the way I do business.

Your turn: How do you capture the information you read as a result of content marketing … do you capture?


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