Customer Service: What Happens on Tour Stays on Tour

November 29, 2013

What Happens on Tour Stays on TourSexy sounding title yes!  Well I’m sorry to disappoint but this post is not about groupies or rock stars, this post is about challenges you face in your business. Guys these challenges need to stay in your business, your clients should never know about the issues you are dealing with.

Customer Service! Imagine a net between your business and your clients.  This net lets the clients in but keeps your challenges, issues and – yes, problems, contained.  Your business is your tour … and your band needs to ensure your business stays on tour.

If you’re a client of mine you’re probably thinking ‘what the …..  I know Justine more often than not doesn’t have enough hours in the day to get through everything.’  A Virtual Assistant has a very close relationship with his or her clients and it can be easy to ‘share’ problems we each face.  Slap on the hand for me!  No matter how close I am (or you are) to my clients, all they need to know is that we can help them.  If you are too busy, don’t have the resources, have sold out of product or need resources … that’s your problem.  No matter how friendly your are with your clients, or how stressed you are … professional face forward please.

Addressing those problems is your top priority.  What’s your biggest issue?  Write it down and brain storm … either solo or with your ‘band’.  Decide which is the best solution and break this down into achievable tasks (pull out your SMART Goal template guys!).  Part of this strategy will be short term, how to continue to deliver a fabulous service while you work on the long term solution.  By breaking it down into these ‘micro tasks’ you achieve two things:

  • You create a plan to fix the problem, once and for all; and
  • You feel better, less stressed.  Knowing you have a solution and can continue to service your clients.

Building your business.

Continuous improvement.

Delivering that ‘big band’ experience to your loyal fans.

Ok, so my own biggest challenge is the woefully small amount of hours in each day.  My solution is to increase my team again, filling gaps in skills to take some of those to do items out of my daily task list.  I need to exercise more discipline in terms of delegation.  I’m getting there!  Hmm, this revelation is not quite keeping within my net but in terms of transparency, I don’t have a problem putting my hand up and saying ‘this is me, I have challenges. More importantly, I have strategies in place to kick these challenges to the curb!’  I do need to mend any tears in my net…these tears are similar to those many of you face … the growth phase of your business.

Clients come to me bogged down and frustrated because they don’t have time to work ON their business.  I get that!  I help these clients deliver to their customers while we fix and contain their challenges within the net.   Working on their business.  Are you getting time to work on yours?


Your Turn: What challenges does your net hold?  More importantly, are your clients aware of these challenges?





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