Do Your Clients Appreciate Your Services?

August 21, 2011

by Justine Parsons

It’s days when I get a surprise email from a happy client that make being a Virtual Assistant so special.

I recently published a PowerPoint presentation in YouTube for a Property Management client, highlighting their keywords to improve their blog SEO.
After sending the link to my client late Friday night explaining what I had done and for what reason, I asked them to review the presentation and advise of any changes they would like made.
This is the reply which made my Saturday!
Wow Justine this is absolutely fabulous!!
I didn’t have time to view it yesterday – following a full day with Home Opens I enjoyed our first touch of Spring and sat outside enjoying the warmth in the sun and a cool glass of wine.
You are amazing to have succinctly encompassed our business model into this presentation – we love it and could not offer any suggestions for improvement as it’s terrific.
Thank you once again for your continuing focus on our business – often when we are not or don’t have the time.
Enjoy your Sunday.


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