Does Your Website Pass The Test?

August 24, 2012

by Justine Parsons


2012.  It’s a year where social media is coming into it’s own and a year where, more than ever, the future of your business is in the hands of your customers.  Customers have a voice online and are demanding transparency, information and delivered superior service.

With this in mind the days of a static site are over.  Your website today is the hub which pulls in all information on the web about you and/or your company.  Your website content should constantly be changing as your services, products and customer needs evolve.


Your website is at the very least your sales executive, customer service team, marketing manager and PR team.


Does your site fill these job descriptions?  Does mine!  [critique most welcome]


Comment and share your thoughts on what a website should be, have and convey.
What has and hasn’t worked for you?


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