Effective Project Management

November 21, 2011

Effective project managementby Justine Parsons

Whether your project is the development and implementation of a promotional strategy, re-design of your website or the opening of a new location; effective project management starts with careful planning.  By following the format below you can plan your project in easy to follow steps which will help to ensure the overall success of your project.

Another aspect of effective project management lies in the ability to outsource or delegate tasks where you don’t have the time or skills required.  Time management is something that individuals to corporate moguls often have a hard time mastering, but proper use of time is essential in effective project management. The right people, equipment and materials will do little good if there’s not enough time to complete the project properly.

Resources, time and money are the three biggest areas to focus on and rein in for successful, effective project management. Keep tabs on these areas, and you’ll be better able to meet your goals.

Effective project management consists of the following criteria:

  • Project Title: Give your project a title reflecting the nature of the project.
  • Project Overview: Provide a brief overview of what the project involves.  How does this project fit into your business plan strategies?
  • Project Goal: Your goal should lay out what you aim to achieve from your project.  Using Smart Goals will ensure your goal is specific, measurable,  achievable, relevant and includes a time frame.
  • Scope Outline: what is involved in the project and how you are going to achieve your project success.  What are the key components involved?
  • Outline: Specify the following – Start and finish dates for the project; milestones, review dates.
  • Budget: Estimate the costs involved in completing your project and how these requirements will be met.
  • Action Plans: Effective project management is in the detail.  Identify key activities outlined in the scope and develop an action plan to complete each of these.  Prepare your action plans in a table format to include the following: details of each task, due date, person responsible and a progress column.

Contact me for a free template to assist you with the effective management of your project.

Project examples:

  1. Website redesign
  2. Marketing strategy
  3. Staff training
  4. Development of new policy and procedure manuals
  5. Competitor analysis
  6. New product launch
  7. Social media plan
  8. Re-branding
  9. Sale or purchase of business
  10. Production improvements

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