Email Tracking in Outlook

May 11, 2010

Have you wondered if your emails are reaching their recipient, are they being read and at what time?  By activating your tracking features in Outlook you can rest easy, knowing that your email reached its destination.
To set up your Tracking Options:
  1. Select the Tool Menu, choose Options and click on the Email Options button.
  2. The Email Options dialogue box should now appear on your screen.
  3. Click on the Tracking Options button.
  4. The Tracking Options dialogue box should now appear on your screen.
  5. Select your preferred options:

Process requests and responses on arrival

Automatically logs requests and responses and deals with them accordingly
Process receipts on arrival
Automaticaly processes receipts
After processing, move receipts to ..
Enables you to automatically have receipts moved to another folder after processing
Delete blank voting and meeting responses after processing
Unless responses are edited they will be automatically deleted after processing
Request a read receipt for all messages I send
Enables you to have a read receipt request attached to all emails sent (Note: this read receipt must be authorised by the recipient before receipt is returned by email, action required by recipient)
Request a delivery receipt for all messages I send
Enabled you to receive a delivery receipt when your outgoing mail reaches its final destination (Note: this is generated automatically from recipient’s email client, no action required by recipient) 
Always send a response
This determines how to handle read and deliver receipts to Internet email senders
Never send a response
Outlook will ignore requests for receipts
After selecting your options, keep clicking OK until you are back in the Outlook window.  All changes will take effect immediately.
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