Facebook: Stand out amongst the crowd

October 1, 2010

Do you know that you can have a logo that is 200px high by 600px long?  It may mean your current logo needs tweaking but with a little work your Facebook page can stand out amongst the crowd.
Another overlooked Facebook tool is Static FBML.  Using FBML, you can create your own tabs with information limited only by your imagination.  Whether you want to insert a comprehensive page outlining your products/services or a page promoting an offer, by downloading the FBML application your page can promote your business and rise above your competition.  Note: this application is only available on business profiles.  This link is a useful tutorial.
Last but not least, promote your Facebook page!  Using ping you can post your Facebook and Blog posts across your social networking sites with one click.  Show your Facebook link on your website, blog, networking profiles and email signatures. Email me if you would like assistance or more information on how to do this.

If it all sounds like gobble-de-gook, or just to techie. Just Contact me, your online marketing assistant and I can take over your online marketing, just setting it up, or doing weekly or fortnightly, or monthly updates for you.

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