Five Star Clients = Five Star Business Growth

July 12, 2014

I’ve been a virtual assistant for 15 years, the first ten were a struggle with part time jobs needed to supplement my income.  Then the market changed with a global move towards outsourcing and a huge increase in the number of entrepreneurs but a game changer for me was the quality of my clients.

My client demographic shifted from those focused on one-off jobs at a low cost to relationships with ongoing, successful entrepreneurs.  My 5 star clients.

How has this helped my business to grow?

5 star clients


Working with five star clients has the following benefits:

  1. 5 star clients tend to know and do business with successful people;
  2. 5 star clients are more likely to refer you to their network;
  3. 5 star clients are a pleasure to work for and with (extremely important);
  4. 5 star clients will educate and often push you to improve;
  5. 5 star clients tend to be long term clients

That’s all well and good but we can’t always chose our clients can we.

Hell yes we can!

Here’s a simple strategy to attract your 5 star clients:

  1. Draft a profile of your perfect client.
  2. Do your research, find your 5 star prospects online and offline.
  3. Talk to your existing 5 star clients to add to your research.
  4. Which organisations, social media networks and business groups are they part of?
  5. Increase your presence in areas identified in #3.
  6. Slowly build a relationship with them by engaging in the same groups/organisations/networks.  Find their pain points.
  7. Invite them to connect with you one-on-one.  Coffee, skype, viber.
  8. Solve a pain point for them or discuss it and how they are affected by it, all without putting on your salesman hat.
  9. Leave the ball in their court (I know, that goes against everything you read but try it this way!)
  10. Follow up in a couple of weeks with an article, introduction or information you think will help them.
  11. Repeat #10 at regular intervals.

These connections may not jump to buy your products or use your services.  But if you continue (and you’re not investing too much time here so nothing ventured ….) to build trust with the 11 points above you will increase your number of 5 star clients.  They will come across a connection looking for services like yours, they will need services you offer at some stage and they will come to you when this happens!

Can you identify your perfect clients in your database … do you have more 5 star than 1 star?  

If you made it all the way to the bottom, thank you for reading!  Please comment if you have something to share and if you’d like to receive my weekly blog straight to your inbox, please subscribe here.  I’d absolutely love that!




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