How Automotive Dealerships Can Benefit By Using a Virtual Assistant

October 28, 2011

automotive and virtual assistantsby Justine Parsons

As the owner or manager of a new or used car dealership, you’re bombarded with tasks every day. Many of these tasks are customer, vehicle, processes or marketing related and in the competitive automotive sales industry, these tasks need to be carried out quickly, efficiently and better than other dealerships. By outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant you can increase your productivity, concentrate on what you do best and utilise the services of a professional to give your dealership an edge over your competition.

A Virtual Assistant can increase the productivity of your auto dealership in the following areas:

Routine tasks
Market Analysis
Marketing Planning
Marketing Tactics

Automotive Dealership Routine Tasks:

These day to day administration tasks that take up your time yet are so important in the running of your business. Don’t waste your own time buried in paperwork when you can delegate and relax knowing all is under control.

Finance forms
Online and paper vehicle listings
Responding to enquiries
Promotions and flyers
List of other services a virtual assistant can provide

Automotive Dealership Market Analysis:

The auto industry is constantly shifting and you should be shifting with the latest trends, tools, legislation and opportunities. When was the last time your completely analysed your business? A virtual assistant can offer a fresh perspective, assisting you with the following:

Look first to your current customers. How do they come to their buying conclusion? Do they squeeze into any demographic that makes use of your type of stock or dealership know how ? Can they afford the purchase? If your previous customers won’t buy again with your dealership, how do you know all your new customers will? What do you offer your customers that your competitors don’t? What makes them return to you? By using analysis tools such as SWOT analysis, customer surveys and feedback tools we can establish what your customers like and don’t like about your service.

Now look at your competitors. What vehicles to they carry, what financial and car services do they serve? Can you identify any weakness, any benefits? What do the top car dealerships do better than your dealership? What is their strategy? How do they market themselves? Are they active in social media, do they have a Facebook page, is there an online signup for their newsletter? What information is on their website? Take note of vehicle pricing, sales people and any other services. How does their dealership look in comparison with yours? By comparing your business to that of your competitors, together we can establish where you need to make improvements and what areas of your business you can capitalise on, knowing you are doing better than other dealerships.

Automotive Dealership Marketing Plan:

Here is where a Virtual Assistant can configure your goals and how you will pull them into your dealership. How do you stand out and surpass your competitors? Through the previous analysis a virtual assistant will come up with a list of benefits that you can use in your marketing campaign.

Automotive Dealership Marketing Tactics:

Focus on the emotional impact of your product and service. Think about what your customer’s value. Do they attach importance to great customer service and personalized, human touch? How about value and saving money? Perhaps your customers prefer small, independent dealers over large manufacturer dealerships. With the list of benefits identified in the previous analysis we can put together a marketing strategy to use for all your car dealership marketing efforts – offline, online and your website.

We will look at your vehicles, pricing, all advertising and complete front-end of vehicle deliveries; and what effect they have with marketing your car dealership. By using the advice above, we can help shape the perceived value of your products and services in the minds of your customers, thereby eliciting a positive response.

A virtual assistant will work with you to set your goals and put a plan in place to help you achieve these goals and effectively measure results.

Contact me today to get started on improving the profit and productivity of your automotive dealership.

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