How Could You Use Survey Monkey In Your Small Business?

August 24, 2011

by Justine Parsons


Do you monkey around with your business?

Survey Monkey is a fantastic online tool you can use to develop your products and services to better meet the needs of your clients!

Whether you are starting out or already established in business, customer feedback is vital for helping you to make informed decisions about the direction of your products and services.

We first used Survey Monkey for market research, contacting people in our niche (women entrepreneurs) to find out as much as we could about the challenges and obstacles they faced so that we could best meet their needs with our business. We have used it several times since then, most recently to gather feedback on our ‘Profit with Purpose’ Telesummit event. 

Why not create a survey to ask people within your target market about their biggest unmet challenge, or to find out what products and services they already spend money on? Or you could gather feedback from your current list of clients about a product you are planning to launch, testing its feasibility before you invest all that time and money developing it.

Another great way to use Survey Monkey is to create interactive competitions for your customers or database members, offering a sought-after prize or service in return for their responses.

And yes, sometimes you will get “negative feedback” – bur you could choose to perceive it differently. Instead of freaking out, remember that this is really a great gift – listen carefully and if it is consistent feedback it could be telling you that you are off-track with what you are offering. Change it up and you never know, business may start booming!

Please don’t just bury your head in the sand and plough on with your ideas if you haven’t tested the market!!!

Here’s our feedback based on our use of Survey Monkey:

– it is very user friendly
– you can ask questions in a variety of formats to get the best type of information for each question
– once you have created your survey, its very easy to let people know about it and – easy for them to fill in
– the data is collated in such a way that makes it very easy to analyse and use
– they provide a great help service full of ideas and lessons on how to ask the right questions and create effective surveys (very important!)

From our perspective, this tool is fantastic to work with and we highly recommend it. We currently use their free, basic level plan as for now that meets all our needs, but they also offer a Pro plan with more options.

So, our challenge to you is to sign up for your FREE Survey Monkey account and create a short (10-question or less) survey to elicit feedback from your clients – both current and potential – to inform your next moves!

We’d love to know what you find out, we invite you to share in the comments box below. Perhaps other readers can add to your research findings with their thoughts!

And remember, it can be easy to push blindly forward, pouring energy into products you think your clients need, but much more useful in the long run to stop and ask them for their input!

Article written by Jo Foster, Co-Director of Love Your Small Business

Jo Foster and Janine Ogg established Love Your Small Business in 2010 to meet the needs of an increasing number of women who have an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to forge their own path in small business. Jo and Janine work at the strategy level with their clients, and have a focus on ‘Profit with Purpose’. This approach to business empowers women to develop and fine tune their business strategy and engage with their business on a deeper level so they can grow their business and achieve success (whatever that looks like for them) while also living a balanced life.

In a nutshell, its about helping women to find that sweet spot where business success and personal purpose intersect!

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