How Productive is Your Day?

August 18, 2011

by Justine Parsons


One area I am constantly working on as a Virtual Assistant is the time spent each day doing non productive or ‘nonchargeable’ tasks.  This is the time spent working on my business and the ‘to do’ list is ever present.

What works for me is automation.  Templates are my savior.  From email templates, rules, spreadsheet macros to Word forms and merges, almost every part of my administration is automated.

How did I achieve this?  By keeping a diary of a period of one month in which each task was noted.  I was then able to go back through the tasks, group them and design systems to streamline.  Integration between Outlook, Word, Excel can save you time while your online tasks such as blogging, site updates, social media posts can be automated using some of the free tools on the web.

With iPhones, Android and other Smart Phones the tools available to increase productivity are fantastic.  I can go to a client’s office and through Google Docs and Dropbox share and edit information onsite, video ‘spur of the moment’ referrals, record meetings for later transcription … the list is endless.  While waiting in the car for my daughter to finish school I check my Google Reader feeds and post to networks, thus minimising down-time.

So, if you are constantly chasing your tail but reluctant to outsource, contact me.  Together we can automate your day and free up time so you can work ON your business.

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