How To Create A Great Impression With LinkedIn Invites

August 15, 2012

by Justine Parsons


Having a coffee this afternoon the the deck with the iPad on my lap (a quick catch-up with social media activities) I had a moment!  You know, one of those moments where you wished the undo button worked in real life.

How To Create A Great Impression With LinkedIn Invites

In checking my LinkedIn profile views I saw a connection from another platform whose opinion I value and quickly pressed connect.  Argh – undo!  On iPads, tablets and smart phones LinkedIn does not give you the option to tailor an invite.

This then brings me to the etiquette that is LinkedIn Invites


…send the generic invite, ever.


  1. Look at the profile of the person you want to connect with.
  2. Click through to their blog or website.  What do you like … what do you have in common … what would make this connection valuable?
  3. Have you come across this person in LinkedIn’s Group Discussions?  Do you like what they have to say?
  4. Click connect from their profile to open the invite window.
  5. Tailor the invite.  Make it personal and state why you are asking to connect.  Include a comment relating to their content, service or website.

Receiving an invite

On receiving an invite the same etiquette applies.  Don’t just hit the accept link, use the opportunity to create an impression and to connect on a personal level.  Again, tailor your reply to make it relevant to the connection’s content, products or service.  Be positive, friendly and professional (that’s a lot!).  Create the best first impression you possibly can.

LinkedIn is definitely not a numbers game.  You are allowed 3,000 invites in a life time so use them wisely.

Your Turn: What tips can you share about LinkedIn Invites?

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