How to Document Your Office Procedures Manual, Easily

April 24, 2011

First you may ask, “why do I need an Office or Administration Procedures Manual?”  The answer, for the  following benefits they will bring to your company:

  • Consistency of documents and processes.
  • If someone leaves or is sick, by using your procedure manual work can quickly and easily be delegated, with no loss of productivity to your business.
  • Outsourcing when your own staff are overloaded, simply send a copy of the relevant procedure.
  • Include company organisation charts and job descriptions to enable new staff to gain a clear overview of ‘who does what’.
  • Streamline your procedures to reduce any ‘double up’ of tasks or inefficiencies.
Next, you may ask “No-One has the time to do this”
Creating your Office Procedures Manual need not be a daunting, time consuming task.

  1. Label a 3-ring binder “Office Procedures Manual” or create a folder on your computer network.
  2. Insert any email, form, letter or report used more than once.
  3. Create templates to automate your documents, ensuring all fonts, colours, logos and formats are standard across your company.
  4. Write brief, concise instructions outlining when, how and why the document is used.
  5. Be sure to include a revision date for each instruction so you will always know whether you are looking at the latest version.
  6. Create a contents page sorting your procedures into their relevant groups.  Be sure to include the revision date on your contents page.
  7. You now have your Office Procedures Manual.  
  8. Ensure everyone either has access to the online folder or a  hard copy of the Manual.  Add, edit, delete your procedures as your business changes – this is a working document.
If you have a procedures manual which is out of date or would like to get started but need a hand – I can help.  I have kept the steps above brief for the purpose of this post, your manual can be as simple or as ISO9001 compliant as your business requires.  Contact me to discuss how we can proceed or comment on your thoughts or experiences with procedures below.

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