How to Improve your Customer Service

March 22, 2011

A recent Linkedin discussion listed situations which left a bad impression of a company.  Examples included:
  • Why don’t companies answer inquiries sent through their website
  • Why don’t companies unsubscribe you from their newsletters when asked
  • Why can’t I buy a burger meal without the drink
  • Why don’t phone companies develop an app that lets you manage your entire account via mobile
  • Why do so many retail staff stand chatting while you wait for service
  • Why don’t supermarkets put more staff on checkouts
  • Why do sales people make assumptions as to what you can afford
Here is a checklist (contact me for your printable/jazzy checklist) to help you improve and deliver outstanding service to your customers.
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Customer Communication
Effectively communicate your brand and service expectations.
Use age-appropriate greetings.
Service all customers the same regardless of their age or appearance.
Interact well with customers.
Demonstrate competence.
Have good listening skills.
Make suggestions based on customer comments.
Make eye contact with customers.
Appear engaged and interested in what the customer is telling them.
Shake hands when meeting the customer.
Respond to customer e-mails, telephone queries and complaints.
Minimize any wait time.
Ensure a pleasant and efficient treating of customers.
Learn to read body language to see if a customer could use some help.
Never discuss customers in front of other customers.
Product Knowledge
Confidently explain the company’s products and services.
Able to explain the basic components of each product, features and benefits.
Understand how to match specific products and services with particular customer needs.
Confronting Conflict
Act within the chain of command in conflict situations
Understand who can authorize actions or changes.
Keep their cool and calm during conflict situation.
Act to diffuse or alleviate the situation.
Resolve customer service issues in a fair and equitable manner.
Keep emotions in check.
Stay polite at all times.

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