How to Improve your Online Web Presence

December 8, 2009

If you are single with no kids, no pressing work committments and don’t like to go out then you can probably skip this article.
If, on the other hand you don’t have enough hours in the day to spend time with your family, keep up with your workload, market your business and fit in some time to relax then read on.  I have put together tips based on my experiance to increase your online profile.
Social Networking Sites
Chose two or three sites (i.e. facebook/twitter/my space) and concentrate on increasing your network.  Chose contacts that relate to your business and make regular posts.  Read my previous post of 14th October for more information.
Online Business Directories
Increase your presence by loading your business details in as many directories as you can.  If your target market is local then concentrate on local sites, for global markets the list of directories is endless.  Email me for assistance if required as this can be time consuming.  I have put together a database of sites which I use extensively based on the number of referrals directed to my site. 
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
While my online marketing budget is very small (unless I count my time!) I have spent money on SEO for my site using the services of  I did my homework and while there were companies that offered SEO on a shoestring, this is one area where you get what you pay for.  My site ranks well in search engines and is easy for potential clients to find.
Site Links
Linking your website to complimentary sites can only increase business, directing traffic to your link and if done well the links will improve the value of your site.  Again this can be time consuming but well worth the time (this is a service I provide and have streamlined the process to be more time efficient).  Any reciprocol links listing on your page need to be edited regularly to ensure they link to live sites.
Blogs can be worth their weight in gold if written correctly.  Keep your blogs short and relevant.  Update your blog site regulary (again don’t hesitate to contact me if your time doesn’t permit regular updates).  A valuable tool to sell your products/services, educate your customers and direct traffic to your site.

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