How to Manage your Calendar

May 16, 2011

One of the many great tools I use as a Virtual Assistant is Google Calendar and Google Doc’s.  With these tools I can manage your day (another admin task off your hands) and for those of you with Smart Phones, you can access your diary and relevant files where-ever your day takes you.
Calendar Management tasks include:
  • Managing business and personal deadlines
  • Travel arrangements
  • Calling or sending emails to your clients, reminding them of upcoming appointments
  • Social networking
Using your calendar for social networking, I can provide:
  • Selecting subjects for tweets and when they will be posted
  • Scheduling status updates for your Facebook page
  • Determining links you want to share
  • Announcing upcoming events or product launches
  • Mapping out a plan for online presence exposure
  • Suggest and schedule your newsletter and blog subjects
  • Generally helping you with your strategy, planning and implementation of your online marketing

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