How to Use RSS Feeds

April 3, 2011

With the millions of articles now available daily on the net, keeping up with news and information relevant to your business can be a nightmare. This is where RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds can make your life easier.  There are many sites and directories available with sites such as UncleFeed, Syndic8 and 2RSS attempting to categorize all the RSS feeds out there. 

Search for RSS feeds using a search engine designed to find them such as Find-a-Feed, Feedfinder on Yahoo and Google both offer searches focused on RSS that can be accessed when you attempt to add content to the MyYahoo / Google Personalized Homepage of the respective sites.

I have used Google Reader but what works best for me is being able to view feeds direct from my Bookmarks Menu, at any time, in any window.

As I come across web sites, blogs and major news publications of interest with a RSS feed I save the feed to my Bookmarks Menu.
  1. Click on the RSS feed button.
  2. Save the Feed to your Bookmarks Menu.
  3. You can then simply access your Bookmarks and view current feeds as required.
  4. Use these feeds with your social media networks (tweet the latest news in Twitter, discuss an idea in Linkedin or post a feed relating to your services in Facebook).
  5. If, when clicking on the RSS feed you are taken to a ‘Subscribe to’ box, click on the ‘View Feed XML’ link to take you to your Bookmarks Menu.

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