I’m Too Busy To Outsource!

August 23, 2011

by Justine Parsons


As a Virtual Assistant the concept of outsourcing is difficult for me.  Outsourcing is the service I provide … not the service I require!  However, as my business has grown and available time to work ON my business diminishes, I recognise that in order to deliver an excellent service to my clients, I can’t do everything myself.

I am currently redesigning my website.  I am more than capable of doing this myself but I don’t have the time and I am not an expert in site redesign.  Thus I am using Dirt and Rust to take on this project for me. He has given me many suggestions I would not have thought of myself and the cost will pay for itself as visitors find their way to my site easier with better ‘call to action’ once they are there!

In previous years I have filed my own set of accounts, this year I engaged the services of an Accountant.  He can finalise my books faster and with more experience than I am able to.

My point is, you can do everything yourself.  But you cannot do it as well or as quickly as someone who specialises in any particular field.  The benefit to doing it all yourself is cost, many of us are working with extremely tight budgets.  But is this really a benefit?  By undertaking the task or project yourself you are:

  1. Likely to have a less than perfect result due to lack of specialist knowledge
  2. It will end up costing you less when you factor in your time, loss of time spent on tasks you yourself specialise in.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • If you could write a list of tasks you should be doing each day, projects that you’d like to undertake – are they achievable?
  • If you are a small business owner trying to do it all – are you getting it all done?
  • Do certain tasks take you longer to achieve than they would take a specialist?
  • Do you work evenings and weekends trying to keep up?

By outsourcing you are engaging a professional to give you a professional result, you are also freeing yourself up to do what it is that you do best.

Examples of when to outsource to a …. Virtual Assistant! 
You send a newsletter out to your clients every month or so … when you have time.
A Virtual Assistant can schedule to send out your newsletter on weekly or monthly intervals using the latest software to give you information on who is reading your newsletters, and which information they are most interested in.  She will liaise with you re content of which you provide as much or as little as you required.

You have a report to send a client which you have designed in Excel or Word.  You are happy with your formulas and content but don’t have time to give it a professional design.

Simply email your document to your Virtual Assistant for reformatting.  A good assistant should be able to return this to you same day.

You want to improve your online business profile, have a Facebook page but never use it – no time and not really sure about which online medium is best for your business.  Social media seems like a waste of time.

I can’t stress this point enough – your business needs to be visible online.  As more consumers are doing their research and inquiries over the net, marketing online is critical to your growth.  Virtual Assistants can recommend what channels best suit your business with a marketing strategy and how to achieve goals outlined in your strategy using a task list.  You can choose which tasks you would like to do yourself, and which tasks you prefer to outsource.  This is not an expensive exercise.

It may be easier today to do your task yourself, but will it continue to be easier for the next five years – or do you need to change how you are working? More benefits in outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant on my site.

I outsource to avoid burnout, to grow my business and to have time with my family – would love to hear why you outsource … or why you would need to.

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