5 Key Points for LinkedIn Newbies

May 8, 2014

5 key points for LinkedIn newbiesIf you’re a client of mine you’ll know I’m a firm advocate of LinkedIn, especially for those in the B2B (business 2 business) space.  Here’s a couple of key points about this rather fabulous network:

  1. LinkedIn is THE network for professionals. It has it’s faults sure (what network doesn’t!), but it is where professionals come together .. to listen, to discuss, to network and make decisions about who they want to do business with.
  2. Share content.  Quality content is key.  Spamming with too many of your own blog posts is considered a no no. When you do share blog posts, make sure you share it in the form of a question and ask for feedback. By doing this it adds value, engages your audience and becomes a discussion as opposed to a promotion.  This applies for articles you share from other sites. Skim read the article before posting so you know the best question to ask and your opinion of the article.  People want to know what you think about the content you share.
  3. Why focus on groups?  Groups are an excellent way for your customers to get an idea of what you are like, and for you to find qualified people to connect with.  LinkedIn groups are by far the most valuable tool that LinkedIn has.
  4. Whereas Twitter is a ‘shotgun blast to the world’, LinkedIn is a ‘sniper shot’. Sniper’s may take more time to line up their target, but they are deadly. We need to remember that you are not trying to ‘blast’ the network, but deliver a targeted message that resonates with your demographic.  You want the ‘right’ people coming to your profile to see the ‘right’ message and want to connect with you.  Your message needs to represent exactly what you offer.
  5. LinkedIn is not about selling – it’s about sharing expertise.  It’s about meeting professionals, creating a connection with them, learning from them and teaching them a little about what you know in return.  LinkedIn is all about ‘them’.

These points only scratch the surface, if you’d like more info on how to use LinkedIn yourself just drop me a line. I’ll send you a no-strings guide to get you started.

Your turn: What’s one key point you’d like to share about LinkedIn … and if you’re a newbie, what do you struggle with that holds you back?



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