Outlook Calender Tips: Improve Your Productivity

August 3, 2011

Automatically add holidays to your Calendar    
On the Tools menu, click Options, click Calendar Options, and then click Add Holidays.

Quickly display several days side by side in Calendar    
In the date picker, drag over the dates that you want to view.

Contact meeting attendees with a reminder or other message    
Open the original meeting request, click the Actions menu, and then click New Message to Attendees.

Show Saturday and Sunday in separate boxes in your monthly calendar    
To show weekend days in separate boxes in the Month view, right-click anywhere in Calendar view, and then click Other Settings. Clear the Compress weekend days check box.

Change your time zone    
To quickly change the time zone in your calendar, change your calendar view to Day or Work Week, right-click the time bar, and then click Change Time Zone.

Need to schedule a meeting with someone in another time zone?    
Just add the time zone to Outlook. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Preferences tab. Click Calendar Options, click Time Zone, and then select the Show an additional time zone check box. Click the time zone you want in the Time zone list.

Quickly create an appointment in Calendar     
Click the day, drag over the block of time when the appointment occurs, and then type a description.

Quickly switch to viewing by month in Calendar    
Click in Calendar, and then press ALT+EQUAL SIGN.

Use your e-mail signature for meeting requests    
On the Insert menu, click Signature and then click the signature that you want to use.

Let Outlook find a meeting time when all attendees are available    
On the Scheduling tab, type the names of the attendees in the All Attendees list, and then click AutoPick Next.

Quickly create an all-day event in Calendar    
Click the day heading that you want, and then type the name of the event. If the event lasts several days, click the first day heading, drag across all days, and then type the event name.

Quickly switch between viewing a day, week, or month in Calendar    
Click the day, click to the left of the week row, or click the day of the week heading.

Quickly move an appointment    
Drag it to a new date or time in your Calendar or in the date picker.

Change the time periods in the Calendar grid    
You can change the default setting for 30-minute time slots to 5-, 6-, 10-, 15-, or 60-minute time slots. Right-click the Calendar, click Other Settings, and then click the number you want from the Time Scale list.

Change the number of days shown in Calendar    
In Calendar view, press ALT+number, where number represents the number of days to show in the view between 1 and 9. Use 0 for a 10-day view.

Manage multiple Calendars? Create a group to store Calendar shortcuts     
At the bottom of the Navigation Pane, click the Shortcuts button to display the Shortcuts pane, and then click Add New Group.

Attach an agenda or meeting minutes to a meeting request    
If the agenda or minutes are in a file, you can attach the file to a meeting request. In the meeting request, on the Insert menu, click File, and then locate the file you want to attach.

Want to see your Calendar while you’re looking at the Inbox?     
In the Navigation Pane, right-click the Calendar button, and then click Open in New Window on the shortcut menu.

Automatically open someone else’s Inbox or Calendar    
If you have permission, you can have Outlook automatically open another person’s Inbox or Calendar when you start Outlook. Just leave the other person’s folder open when you exit Outlook.

Quickly copy an appointment in your Calendar    
Hold down CTRL and drag the appointment to a new time or date.

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