Outlook Mail Tips: Improve Your Productivity

July 31, 2011

Set a reminder to reply to a message
Right-click the message you want to set the reminder for, point to Follow Up, and then click Add Reminder. In the Due By list, click the date when you have to complete the reply. In the second list, click a time. In the Flag color list, click the flag color you want, and then click OK.

Add your own words to a follow-up flag for a new message    
Click the Message Flag button and then type the text you want in the Flag to box.

Send a message to multiple people without revealing other recipients’ identities    
To send a message to someone without other recipients of the message knowing, use the Bcc line in the message. Bcc stands for blind carbon copy. If you add someone’s name to the Bcc line, a copy of the message is sent to that person, but his or her name is not visible to other recipients.

Use a file shortcut instead of an attachment to reduce the size of a message.     
Right-click the file and drag it to the Inbox. On the shortcut menu, click Send with Shortcut.

Sort messages alphabetically by sender name    
To sort, click Arranged By and then click From. To reverse the alphabetical order, click From again. To sort by Subject line, click Subject. You can sort this way in any table in Outlook.

Receive notifications when messages you send are delivered or read     
On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Preferences tab. Click E-mail Options, and then click Tracking Options.

Quickly mark a message as read    
Right-click the message and then click Mark as Read.

Quickly print search results from your Inbox    
To print a list of your search results from the Advanced Find dialog box, press CTRL+P.

Recall that message!    
To recall or replace a sent message, open the message in the Sent Items folder, and on the Actions menu, click Recall This Message.

Keep track of messages that require action    
Instead of just using rules to move messages to folders, use rules to assign a category to a message. Then the messages will be arranged in groups in your Inbox.

Does your mailbox need a quick clean-up?    
On the Tools menu, click Mailbox Clean-up. Select options to find items that are old or large and then move or delete them. Click Auto Archive to move old items to Archive Folders, or click Empty to permanently delete items from your Deleted Items folder.

Delete names from the AutoComplete list    
 Select the unwanted name by using the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW key and then press DELETE.

Make sending a file through e-mail even easier    
You can send a file on your computer through e-mail by right-clicking the file, pointing to Send To, and then clicking Mail Recipient. Text is automatically added to the body of the message; however, you can delete the text and add your own text by clicking in the message body and pressing CTRL+A.

Quickly add an attachment to a new message    
Locate the file, for example a .doc file in your My Documents folder, and then drag it to your Inbox. Outlook opens a new e-mail message with the file attached. You can also drag multiple files.

Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Switch to Inbox: Ctrl+Shift+I
  • Switch to Outbox: Ctrl+Shift+O
  • Choose account to send message from: Ctrl+Tab (focus on To line), then tab to Accounts button
  • Send:Alt+S
  • Reply to a message: Ctrl+R
  • Reply all to a message: Ctrl+Shift+R
  • Mark a message as not junk: Ctrl+ Alt+J
  • Display blocked external content (in a message): Ctrl+Shift+I
  • Post to a folder: Ctrl+Shift+S
  • Check for new mail: Ctrl+M or F9
  • Go to the next message: Up arrow
  • Go to the previous message: Down arrow
  • Go to the row above (message or group heading): Alt+ Up arrow
  • Go to the row below (message or group heading): Alt+ Down arrow
  • Compose a new message: Ctrl+N
  • Open a received message: Ctrl+O
  • Display the Address Book: Ctrl+Shift+B
  • Convert HTML or RTF message to plain text: Ctrl+Shift+O
  • Add a Quick Flag to a message: Insert
  • Display the Flag for Follow Up dialog box: Ctrl+Shift+G
  • Mark as read: Ctrl+Q
  • Show download-pictures menu, change download settings, or add sender to Safe Senders List: Ctrl+Shift+W

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