Knowing Your Client’s Pain Points

June 17, 2014

How to solve your client's pain pointsIf I was in business selling heaters, I’m not going to tell everyone I sell heaters.  I’ll go out there and tell people they no longer need to feel cold at home, I have the solution.  Their pain point is feeling cold and knowing your client’s pain points is how you convert your would-be clients into sales.

Enough about heaters though!  As a virtual assistant I don’t sell a newsletter service, I let clients know that I can take care of communicating with their customers and prospects so they don’t have to worry about it not being done.  In this instance their pain point is not communicating consistently.

Knowing these pain points has driven how I’ve structured my business, creating a one-stop shop of professional services which solves another pain point … they only need to deal with one company rather than spend their valuable time communicating their needs with a handful of service providers.

So, identifying your client’s pain points will help you with the following:

  • Your business planning
  • Your marketing
  • Your sales funnel
  • Your customer retention

When you’re writing your social media profiles or website copy, don’t tell them about your product or service.  They honestly don’t care! Tell them how you are going to solve their pain points.  Give them the solution.  If we go back to those spectacular heaters, would you want to read a page all about the specifications of heaters or would you want to know how you can feel warmer … perhaps read about other people who were cold and are now luxuriating in cozy warmth and comfort?

Think about your own pain points, who can solve them and what makes you think they CAN solve them.  Is it because their website states your exact pain point and then offers the solution?  Is it because their account manager correctly identified what’s not working and came back to you with options to solve this?

When you know what your own pain points are, the options available and what makes you decide on the option you’ll go with … you can then apply this to your own prospects and clients.

How do you identify, recognise and solve your own client’s pain points?  


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