[Part Three] Why Do Business Owners Resist The Strategic Planning Process?

April 3, 2013

Why Do Business Owners Resist The Strategic Planning Processby Justine Parsons


In the final part of this series we look at the third reason why many business owners resist the planning process … leadership.  Not everyone is cut out to deal with the planning side of a business, or trained to do so.  In order for your strategic plan to work you need to lead your team to the next level in order to gain support for your business direction.  If you do fall into this category all is definitely not lost, you may simply need training or to bring in outside help in the form of a coach, mentor, consultant or perhaps a business partner who already has these strengths.

The different faces of leadership:

  • Visionary: you need to have a vision of the future of your business.
  • Mentor: lead your team and contractors by encouragement, example and provide training to convey what you want to achieve with your strategic plan.
  • Management:  now you have your inspired team you need to manage in terms of process and system management in order to execute your vision.
  • Likeability: great leaders are approachable, fair and yes … liked.  If your team respects you and knows you are there for them and also have their needs in sight, they are much more likely to drive the success of your business.

To summarise this series, there is resistance with many business owners when it comes to strategic planning.  The biggy I see in small business is the resource issue.  Time is precious and many of us guilty of getting caught up in the day to day tasks of our business.  That’s how we keep the income coming in, how we keep our overheads down and … how we are trained when in paid employment and head counts are kept to a minimum.  But looking ahead (and you absolutely have to in order to survive) your business needs to grow, adapt and change.  You cannot do this effectively without the clear direction that is achieved with a strategic plan.

Reason One: I don’t have enough time to plan strategically

Reason Two: Strategic planning doesn’t apply to me

Reason Three: I’m just not a leader

Your turn: Which of the three categories do you fall into … do you see value in planning strategically?



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