[Part Two] Why Do Business Owners Resist The Strategic Planning Process?

March 27, 2013

Why do business owners resist the strategic planning process part 2by Justine Parsons


In part two of why business owners resist the strategic planning process, we move on from the challenge of time and look at the second hurdle, a feeling of ‘it’s different for me‘. As a virtual assistant, I thought I was special with my very own set of reasons as to why the strategic planning process wasn’t happening.  How wrong was I!

Recommendations made by business mentors and coaches, including those relating to strategic planning are often met with resistance.  Whether you feel there is a hurdle because of your location, your industry or your clients, remember, clients and customers the world over all want the same things.  If you don’t plan on how you are going to give these to them, your competitors will!

What do your customers want?

  • Quality: customers need your service/product to be of great quality
  • Customer Service: great customer service is not a USP, it is a requirement
  • Relationship: customers want to build trust with you and your staff, they want to know you and be known
  • Ease: everyone is in a rush, make dealing with you simple and easy for your customers
  • Value: if you are delivering on the above, you are delivering the perception of value.  It’s not about the money, it’s about the whole experience

Solution: Take a step back.  Think about where you can take your company and how you are going to make this happen … strategic plan, stage 1!

Your turn: Which of the above points are most important to your business, to you?



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  • Word Works says:

    It’s hard to choose from any of the points above because they are all important. However, as you mentioned, we all like to think we’re special, so treating customers like they are special and that you are really interested in them is another point I’d add to your list.

    • Thanks Andrew – an excellent point. I had a bad experience with an internet service provider and phoned Telecom in desperation to get connected again. The lady in customer service knew how stressed I was and how important a swift resolution was for my business. She actually phoned me six times over a two day period to keep me informed. Wonderful! They couldn’t wave a magic wand but they did care, follow up and make me feel like I mattered.

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