Planning Your Day: From the Desk of a Small Business

December 18, 2009

Working at home requires organization and discipline.  It is easy to allow those household chores to eat into your workday but to do your business justice, treat your office as you would any corporate role.  If your working day is six hours – work those hours!                        
Dress for Work
While sitting at your desk in your pj’s may be comfortable, you will find yourself more productive if you dress for the office. Have breakfast and read the paper in your pj’s but then have a shower and dress for work.

Starting your Day
When you do ‘get to work’, take your coffee, turn on the computer and check your mail.  Review your diary for meetings and tasks for the day and look at what you need to achieve.  Who do you need to phone?  What emails need replies immediately?  Plan your Day.
Time to Work
Once your day is planned, get to it!  Whether you are a multi-tasker or someone who prefers to finish one task before moving to the next, be realistic about your work habits and use them to your advantage.  Check tasks off in your diary as they are completed.
Don’t Forget to Take a Break
No-one can remain productive if they work all day without a break.  Schedule breaks as best suit you in order to stay fresh.  Go for a short walk, have a good lunch, schedule your gym workout for the afternoon instead for the evening.  If you start to lose focus go outside for five minutes to ‘sharpen up’.
Before you Finish
When you have finished your tasks, turn off your computer, tidy up and leave the office for the day.  It can be tempting to do a few more hours in the evening but this can effect your home relationships and cause burnouts.  Working at home is more efficient than being ‘out in the workforce’ and your working hours need not be as long.  It is important to take time to have fun!

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