Q&A: How to generate leads for service based businesses?

December 6, 2013

How to generate leads for service based businesses?I was asked this question by a prospective client earlier this week, and it’s a question I’m often asked by VA’s starting out in business.

Q: What is the easiest way to generate leads for service based businesses?


Here are two strategies to generate leads which have worked well for me.  They are not the only strategies I’ve employed over the years but in terms of results and the ongoing sustainability of my business, these would have to be my top two.  Well, the first one is common sense but by actively focusing on your existing clients and making a point of stopping to think whether you have done all you absolutely can … it really is priceless.

1.  Deliver outstanding service:  Go above and beyond the call of duty, every time.  Work hard to solve problems of your clients, even problems they may not be aware of and try to give them something extra.  Whether that be advice, an extra task performed or a simple, stand alone thank you message.  This in turn will lead to referrals which are always easier to convert then cold leads….not to mention the awesomeness that is repeat business.

2.  LinkedIn discussions: Participating in LinkedIn discussions are a great way of increasing your online presence and showcasing your expertise.  Be helpful, be consistent, be sincere and don’t ever self promote.  In turn you’ll be surprised at the leads that start to trickle in.

That’s it, short and sweet this week.

Please comment below – I’d really like to know what your most effective strategy is for generating leads; is it traditional marketing, picking up the phone, a particular feature of social media, networking groups … what would you recommend?


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