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February 25, 2014

Remote access for any PC or MacIt’s a mobile world.  Remote access of computers (and Macs!) over the internet can certainly make things a lot easier.  Sharing and accessing files in the Cloud is well and good but there are times when accessing another computer is a life line.

I’ve tried lots and lots of remote access tools over the years.  Some are great, some an absolute exercise in frustration.  Team Viewer would have to be one of the fastest I’ve had to set up and best in terms of useable features.

However, you may be blissfully unaware of the benefits of a remote access tool.  Let me help with some examples of how I use Team Viewer:

  • Solving problems my contractors may have.  I can access their computer in seconds and work out the problem.
  • Performing tasks or troubleshooting for clients.  Using Team Viewer I can go into their system in order to show ‘how to’ do something the client is struggling with, complete a task that requires access to their computer or run a training session for their team.
  • Access my desktop from my laptop when out of the office, or access my laptop from my desktop to use a programme or check a file.


A client recently needed his Outlook contacts exported to Excel in preparation for importing into Mailchimp.  Rather than talk him through the process or send him a tutorial before leaving him to it, I was able to log into his computer and export the contacts in minutes.

Last week a contractor was having a bit of a battle with an Excel formula.  Rather than sending emails back and forth or talking it through on the phone (blind) I logged into her PC where we could both control the mouse and we identified the problem.  Pronto!

While on holiday last month there was a couple of times where I needed to access my desktop in order to answer client queries.  A cup of coffee in a wireless cafe, PC accessed, query answered.  Boom!


  • Online Meetings – have up to 25 participants
  • Online Presentation – boost your sales potential
  • Training Session – cut costs by conducting training online
  • Online Teamwork – collaborate online on documents in real-time
  • Multi-Platform – use TeamViewer with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, and iPad
  • Simple – start your first online meeting in just two minutes
  • Secure benefit from the highest security standards
  • More features 

So if you’re looking for a free and stress-free way to remotely access another PC, look no further.  I highly recommend Team Viewer!


Your Turn: Can you think of a time in the last month when you either have accessed or needed access to another computer?





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