Could A Resource Library Could Be The Answer?

October 28, 2015

We’ve done a couple of these for clients, and our own is underway.  I’m talking about a resource library.  Is it a priority for you?  Probably not!  There’s work involved in getting one up and running but the benefits far outweigh the pain.  Here’s some reasons why a resource library could be the answer to your problems.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You spend too long searching for documents.
  • Many of your docs are inconsistently formatted.
  • You’ve put years into building your blog but old articles are forgotten and unused.
  • You’re looking at creating an online programme and have the info you need, it’s just all in your teams’ head.
  • You currently have resources spread across your website, your hard drives and in various places in the cloud.
  • You find yourself writing the same emails in response to queries.
  • Your team doesn’t have access to information when on the road.
  • New staff don’t have information they need to learn the business.
  • Giving your clients access to information would add value to your service.
  • Having all your information on branded templates would create a better impression.
  • Having all your information documented would be an asset for business to be considered as part of your exit plan.
  • You and your team work from different versions of a document.
  • You’d save time by having templates available.

We’ve created a solution

We’ve pulled together some information based on our experience creating resource libraries to guide you through the process, step by step.  This free download includes a full list of the benefits in having your own library, a checklist and a full procedure so you can create your own.

One thing we have learned is to keep it simple.  Your library will be a living beast, constantly updated and constantly used.  By keeping the whole thing simple, with a table of contents which is perhaps accessed from your website (or multiple pages depending on the level of access) linking through to your resources you’ll ensure the project is completed and an asset worth it’s weight in gold.  Or worth it’s weight in … time, in customer satisfaction, in your team’s performance … the list goes on!

Download your guide to creating a resource library. There’s no time like now!

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