Seek Advise Regarding Legislation Compliance

August 4, 2011

All small businesses recruit an accountant for their tax oversight and book keeping assistance but think of all the other legislation that you need to be compliant with and could be a greater risk than a tax or accounting error.

ERA and Holidays Act have just doubled the maximum penalties for breaches and Health and Safety penalties were doubled with the last amendments to the act.

As an HR professional in a large organisation I was responsible for compliance with 28 pieces of legislation, many of which seemed insignificant but if breached would have caused significant problems for the organisation.

From a Human resource perspective remember it is not only the final penalties that will affect your bottom line but the other expenses attached, legal consultancy, time away from the business and if the matter goes outside mediation public reputation.

Seeking and accepting professional advice to allow you to be pro-active in ensuring compliance will be considerably cheaper in the long run. 

Article written by Les Freeman of Kachina Ltd

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