SEO and Blogs: Where to Place Your Keywords

June 7, 2012

by Justine Parsons


I was asked by a client last week about SEO and blogs.  She knew about keywords but wasn’t sure how best to place them in her blog posts. Where should the keywords go and how often do they need to be used?  After some research and with a little help, here is my advice on SEO and Blogs.

First of all, forget about keyword density. Write your post for your readers, not for search engines to pick up. Once you have done that, you can then go back and look at how to optimise with some strategic keyword placement but again, make sure your quality of content is not compromised.  There is little benefit in leading visitors to your post if they don’t find the articles informative and easy to read.  If you have a short article, chances are that you are not going to use a keyphrase three times in the content.  You shouldn’t.

Once you have your post, use tools such as Google Adwords and Google Insights to find the best keyword or keyword phrase for your article. Once you have a keyword that readers are searching for you can then look at your placement.

General rule of thumb:

  • Put the keyword in the title tag once, or twice if you can make it sound natural. Keep it close to the beginning
  • Place it once in the H1 header tag
  • Put at least 3 in the body copy
  • Include the keyword once in bold
  • At least once in an alt attribute (images)
  • Once in the URL
  • At least once in the meta tag
  • Not in the link anchor text that points to other pages on your site.

SEO and BlogsHowever, use your common sense.  As mentioned above, if your blog post is one paragraph you will not follow the placement guidelines above … remember, it’s all about quality content.  Be interesting, informative and engage your readers.  You are trying to connect with them, not that nosy SEO search robot.

I also came across 4 steps to increase your blog traffic which has some great tips if you’re looking at building your blog.

If you are serious about  SEO and blogs I highly recommend the team of Mike and Midge at High Profile Enterprises (and thank them for their patience as I pepper them with those never ending questions).

Your thoughts?  What frustrates you when reading a blog post and what is your ‘must do’ when preparing your own?


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