So…Do You Blog?

May 3, 2011

Benefits of Blog
I blog because I enjoy it.  It’s personal, quick, beneficial and easy.  Through blogging I can inform clients about information, trends and tools relevant to their business; increase my services to these clients by highlighting various services and drive traffic to my site, thus bringing in new customers.


A good blog has:
  • an eye catching design
  • is easy to read with pictures, bullet points, plenty of ‘white space’, not too busy (text, colours, fonts) has easy to use buttons allowing readers to share your articles with others
  • is interesting to your target demographic, encouraging them to sign up for feeds
  • includes links both to and from your site as well as external links
  • encourages comments and visitor interaction



Search Engine Marketing
Google and other search engines look for sites which are constantly being updated with keyword rich, well written content.  As your ranking improves, people will be able to find your website more easily.


Direct Communications
As  your blog builds an audience and readers subscribe to receive your updates, each time you send out a new post you are communicating directly with your target audience.  Like an opt in newsletter, your subscribers want to read what you have to say – this demographic has picked you!


Brand Building
Blogging is a way for smaller companies with limited (or no) dollars to compete with the big guys.  Get your brand out there to an audience who otherwise would not hear about you.


Competitive Differentiation
This is a hot subject with me at the moment.  Why do you use the web designer you are currently using?  What will they do that any other designer would not?  Why should a potential customer pick you over the next company in their google search.  Blogging is your platform to emphasis your competitive differentiation.  Tell your readers, show your readers your point of difference – let them know why choosing your company is the right move for them.


Relational Marketing
By posting sincere, transparent posts you can instil in your readers a sense of knowing you.  Make it personal (let your writing reflect some personality).  Ensure your blog is interactive so readers can connect with you through comments and other tools. Build relationships.


Social Media Marketing
Feed your posts to the social networking sites such as Linkedin (start a discussion – ask a question which links back to your post), Twitter, Facebook or Utube  Increase your exposure to those online through sharing.  If one of your articles or a video was to go viral then brace yourself for a surge of visitors to your sites.


Position Yourself as an Expert
Build your reputation as an expert in your field through your articles.  Like relational marketing, people want to deal with companies that know their industry, by building trust and respect you will soon have a dedicated following much more likely to purchase from you.


Reputation Management
Have you had a negative comment from a customer or are the social networks saying things about your company.  Use your blog to turn these negatives into positives.  No company is perfect, it is how you address your shortcomings that make your business a successful one.


Low Cost
Setting up a blog doesn’t cost very much and maintaining one costs practically nothing.
If you are ready to take the blogging world by storm but not sure how to go about it, email me today.  I can help with:
  • Site Design
  • Getting You Started
  • Researching your Posts
  • Writing your Posts
  • Scheduling and Planning your Posts


It’s that easy.  You tell me how little or how much you or your staff can take over and I’ll take care of the rest.  A blog can inform the world about you, your goods or your services at a fraction of the price of traditional marketing.


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