Social Media And You – how hard can it be!

October 15, 2012

by Justine Parsons


You’re busy, not enough hours in the day.  You’re either already active in social media but could be doing better, being told you should be active but not sure where to start, or you know what you’re doing but don’t have the time to maintain a presence consistently to achieve the results you desire.

Many aspects of your social media can be outsourced to improve your performance and ultimately, your return.  However not all social media tasks should be outsourced.

You and Social Media, how hard can it be!I strongly advise you to look after your own engagement. One-on-one conversations, discussions and answering queries should be something you retain ownership of. If someone connects with you personally, they want to be talking to you, not your assistant or the company you outsource to.

Now this is often easier said than done and in order to get the benefits from social media it’s important to know how to use them well. While I offer a best practice guide for clients, for those readers in Auckland I highly recommend a course The Computer Coach offers “Introduction to Social Media“. Annette offers an easy to follow and comprehensive course which you will walk away from armed with knowledge and confidence needed to get started. [note that there is no affiliation between Your VA and The Computer Coach, I’m recommending because the service offered is excellent].

Tasks which can be outsourced to improve performance and save you valuable time are:

  • Content Management – identifying relevant and quality information which can be shared on your behalf to raise your industry profile.
  • Profile Optimisation – professional design and optimised profiles to ensure you are appearing in search results, and to convey the best ‘store front’ for you and your company.
  • Opportunity for Engagement – save time by getting someone else to check those search results and networks for opportunities for you to engage.  Tweets, LinkedIn group discussions, Google + and Facebook status updates all take time to find those nuggets of  conversations you could be acting on.
  • Blogging – the benefits of blogging are huge. A good blog will bring more visitors to your site, educate your readers, keep your site’s content updated … and much more [read here for more reasons to blog].
  • Measurement – sadly there are many who invest time in social media sites without measuring and analysing.  Having someone send you a monthly report with your statistics and their recommendations can be invaluable.
More and more, social media is a daily part of our business.  By developing good strategies now you will be well placed to give your business a voice online.  Social media is not a matter of shouting the loudest but of saying the right things, to the right people, at the right time.  Are you?


Are happy with what you are achieving in social media channels and is your greatest hurdle a lack of knowledge or a lack of time?


  1. Identify your social media goals.
  2. Write down a list of the social media tasks you are currently doing.
  3. Note areas you are not confident in or would like to do better.
  4. Put on paper reasons you believe you should be active in social media.
  5. Which tasks do you need help with?
  6. Identify the best way for you to cover gaps in knowledge, tasks you need help with and lack of resource.
  7. With the information above, make a plan to manage all your social media requirements in order to meet your goals.

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