Social Media Marketing When You’re Just Too Busy

February 27, 2013

Social Media Marketing When You're Just Too Busyby Justine Parsons


Let’s face it, social media marketing is a long term commitment of consistent, ongoing engagement.  There are companies with full time social media staff, teams even.  But here in the real world, the mantle of social media marketing falls squarely on your shoulders.

Honestly, outsource.  There is a lot of your social media role that doesn’t have to be done.  Examples of this are:

  • Profile optimisation and design
  • Content marketing
  • Reporting
  • Building your networks
  • Competitor analysis
  • Listening!

Outsourcing some (or all) of the tasks above then frees you to spend your time engaging.  Please don’t outsource your engagement, when a connection enters into a discussion with you, it’s you they want to talk to.  You are the expert in your field, the virtual assistant or social media company you outsource to are experts in social media.

Think of a surgeon.  He doesn’t sterilise his instruments, that’s someone else’s job and they probably do a better job.  His time is best spent in surgery – and only he can do that.

If outsourcing isn’t for you, focus your energies in one area and be outstanding in that area.  Each of the big social media platforms have something different to offer, chose the one that fits best with your goals and try the following:

  1. Make sure your profile is perfect.
  2. Build a niche network, research and invite your ‘ideal connection’ to connect.
  3. Start monitoring, listen and then participating in discussions.
  4. Share content of interest to your connections that is in your area of expertise (thus raising your profile as an expert in this field).
  5. Measure.
  6. Revise.
  7. Continue.

This is a rather naked social media marketing strategy.  There are no clothes on this model, no accessories; but by being realistic about what you have time to achieve and working with a strategy to reflect this, you are working smarter to achieve maximum results.





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  • disqus_W4KjfaOksA says:

    Hi Justine, I enjoyed your blog, particularly the surgeon analogy. Time is certainly the enemy of social media and that’s where businesses like yours are so good. You make a great point, too, when you say that people must do the engagement themselves. After all, that’s what social media is all about.

    • JustineParsons says:

      Thanks heaps Andrew for your comment (and I’m glad the surgeon analogy made sense). I am going to ask for tips on LinkedIn today so I could add to this post but will ask you first, what one piece of advice would you offer for people trying to do social media with limited time resources?

  • disqus_W4KjfaOksA says:

    You’re welcome. One piece of advice: It’s better to concentrate on one social media platform and do it well than be involved in several and not give them the attention they require.

    • JustineParsons says:

      Great advice thanks Andrew … tempting though it is to spread ourselves thin, to be involved in one platform well is also more rewarding in terms of knowing you are doing it well (ie. less frustration).

  • Andrew Haddleton says:

    You are spot on here Justine. Many of us know we ought to be doing more in SM but the time it takes to properly figure out what to do, not to random postings of blah, but a strategic approach goes on the “too difficult pile” and that doe snot even take into account the actual posting.

    But effective SM is becoming more important, not just for connecting with people but even for your website rankings in Google.

    THE most important question to answer is, “Where do my customers hang out?” and go there.

    And often you might find they don’t even hang out in SM – shock horror. 🙂

    • JustineParsons says:

      I agree Andrew and thanks for your comment. Effective, focused social media is easier said than done, it’s way too easy to spend a couple of hours with random postings of blah being the only result!

      A strategic approach with a list of daily task keeps you focused. 5 minutes to check RSS feeds, 10 minutes to engage, 10 minutes to share content … with the timer going is a great way to stay on track. Effective social media has huge rewards, as you say, for website rankings, making connections, raising your profile and keeping up with the goings on in your own space.

      In terms of customer hang outs … I hear you! I have two demographics, those who are on social media and those who are not (and it’s interesting how many NZ SME businesses are not on SM!). Without engaging on SM I would only reach those who are not which would reduce my reach to website traffic and referrals.

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