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June 21, 2011

I offer social networking to my clients and personally participate in the big 3: Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook, though I do admit – I spend alot more time on client’s networks than my own.

There are thousands of articles full of tips, tricks and tools to get the most from your networks.  This post goes one step further, behind the tricks the concept of any network is the same (and comments welcome if you disagree/agree).  Receiving another friendly tweet this morning from @meetmikemorgan I was inspired drop my work for a minute and note this down.
Background, Mike from High Profile Enterprises has a large following on Twitter.  He regularly (without blasting) shares fantastic, applicable posts regarding social media and marketing.  I RT his tweets quite a lot, not knowing him from a bar of soap and am always thanked for sharing quickly, in a friendly manner that doesn’t self promote but expresses interest in my day!  Refreshing.
So here goes, my take on making social media work.
  1. Share information relevant to your market.  
  2. Someone (let’s call them Mr X) comments on, or retweets your post.
  3. You thank Mr X and make a personal comment – it can be as simple as ‘have a great day, I’m…’
  4. Mr X then retweets or comments on another post a few days later, remembering that you took the time to thank them last time.
  5. Again, thank them and ask a question/personal comment ‘had a look at your profile Mr X, I like…’
  6. Mr X now feels like there is the start of a relationship.  You know your industry, you don’t self promote and you are friendly.  Mr X may ask you a question or comment on your services.
  7. Mrs Y (a new player!) phones her good friend Mr X looking for a recommendation.  He recommends you commenting that he is actually thinking about using you himself. 
  8. Networking works
  • Help others
  • Remember to be a human (beware of over-automating)
  • Focus on what you want to acheive
  • Self promote
  • Blast the networks with your messages
  • Ignore your followers

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  • Anonymous says:

    Nice article. Yes, it is important to remember why we use social media and that personality (and manners) can help us to stand out in a often crowded medium.

  • Mike Morgan says:

    Hi Justine,

    I am extremely appreciative of your kind words in this post! Fantastic!

    Your summary on how social media networking can bring business results is spot on. There are way too many people who forget what these platforms are about and spend their time pitching their products or services at people.

    I am constantly surprised to see self-proclaimed social media "experts" who indulge in posting tweets which promote their business over and over again. It is a bit scary to think that they are training small business owners to do the same.

    In my opinion the secret is to always give great value with the content that you share, to be warm and human and to take every opportunity to be part of a conversation.

    Thanks again for this post Justine.

    All the best


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