Staffing Solutions – Hire a Virtual Assistant (Home Based Secretary or Personal Assistant)

February 23, 2010

Staffing Solutions – by outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant you can solve your staffing solutions without any capital outlay or risk to your company.  Whether you have one task to be completed in a hurry or ongoing commitments, a Virtual Assistant is there when you need a hand and disappears out of sight once the task is completed … until next time.
Using a Virtual Assistant ensures that projects you don’t have time to do or don’t know how to do are carried out quickly, efficiently and confidentially. 

Direct Benefits of Using a Virtual Assistant:  

  • Ability to delegate tasks while controlling costs
  • Ability to access highly skilled technical staff when necessary
  • Ability to increase the quality of services with new skills and technologies without internal investment
  • Ability to focus on new business strategies and critical services while satisfying current customers
  • Ability to develop new capabilities without huge investments in capital and time

 Financial Benefits of Using a Virtual Assistant:

  • VAs are independent contractors; eliminating payroll taxes, vacation pay, sick days and employee benefits such as health and superannuation
  • No need to provide office space or equipment
  • No expenses or down time for employee training
  • Using VAs offers you the ability to keep your projects on schedule without paying overtime
  • You only pay for time spent on YOUR project
  • Unlike traditional employees, you are NOT paying a virtual assistant for making personal phone calls, surfing the internet, chatting with co-workers or coffee/smoke breaks
  • No agency fees as with temporary employees
  • Using a VA gives you the ability to take on more work to generate more profits 
The cost savings of using virtual assistants, depending on the size of your business, can be quite staggering. When you include payroll taxes and benefit packages for a full-time employee, their “real” cost is over twice their base pay!

 Additional Advantages of Using a Virtual Assistant:   
  • Using a VA will allow you more time to focus on strategic planning to grow your business (work on your business while we work in it)
  • VAs possess skills that you may not have, but require; i.e. graphic design, search engine optimization or creating power point presentations
  • Our VAs use state-of-the-art software that your company may not own
  • Using virtual assistants can help level out seasonal or cyclical fluctuations in your business
  • We work around your schedule to provide you service whenever you need it
  • A VA can help your business gain a competitive edge by providing value-added services
  • Using virtual assistants allows you delegate all those time consuming administrative tasks

Control Capital Costs

Reduce Labour Costs
Increase Efficiency
Create Extra Time
If you are looking at how you run your business and see room for improvement in any of the above areas, a Virtual Assistant may be your ideal staffing solution.

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