Take Time To Make Time

May 10, 2013

by Justine Parsons

How are you managing your work flow?

take time to make timeWhether employed or own your own business, many of us struggle to manage our work flow.  There are time management tips, courses, books and workshops which help to manage your time but there is an extra step in the road toward making time for yourself.

What to do?

I have clients who use the time they gain using time management skills, delegation, outsourcing and …. longer work weeks … and take time on a regular basis to review work flow.

So, if you feel you’re stuck on that treadmill and will sprawl in a tangled mess on the floor if you stop running, despair not.  By taking time to make time you can put strategies in place to solve the problem itself rather than managing the time spent on the problem.

How I’m taking time to make time

PROBLEM: I work long hours as I work hard to build my business and service my clients.  I enjoy what I do and get a huge amount of satisfaction in the relationship I have with these clients.  But as new clients keep coming in, and as existing clients increase their use of my services, I need to look at my business processes in order to keep up with growth.  It is not physically possible for me to work more hours, and I have scope within my team to use them more efficiently.  How do I shift from creating a bigger job for myself to running a business?

SOLUTION:  I now schedule one hour each week (baby steps!) to take a step back and look at ways to improve, strategise, ways to make time for myself.

I have been looking at the following solutions:

  • productivity tools
  • products and service offerings
  • website plugins
  • apps and programs
  • documenting and improving procedures
  • outsourcing
  • contractors vs employees
  • my business plan

Tip – be selfish.  In order to grow your business, your career or your work life balance you need to make sure you commit to yourself.  Be selfish in taking time to make time.  [Here’s a biggie] Be protective of the time you put aside to review, measure, plan and evolve your business – if you compromise this time it becomes less important.

My mentor is fond of asking me if I want to be an employee or a business owner.  In order to become the second in have recognised I need to take the time needed to make time for my business.  Work in progress but I’m getting there.


Your turn: Are you an employee of your business or a business owner?  What has helped you to become this?  Tell me how you take time to make time!

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  • Word Works says:

    Hi Justine, I’m officially a business owner, but in reality I work like an employee, and a rather lax one at that! It takes a huge amount of discipline to be a successful one-man/woman band and, for many, me in particular, its an on-going battle. I like your suggestion of dedicating one hour a week to stepping back from the business. I think I might give that a go.

    • Thanks Andrew – easier said than done to take off our worker hat’s and put on our management ones … from my experience it’s a major problem with many SME owners. You can’t sell or retire from a business that is dependent on your hourly input!

      Let me know how the hour goes!

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