The Power of a Thank You: 10 Ways to Say The Words!

September 22, 2011

How and say why you should say thank you in businessby Justine Parsons


Thank you – a term you can’t overuse but how often do you actually say the words?  In day to day business those two little words ‘thank you’ have the ability to make the day of your staff, co-worker, supplier, customer, boss, associate …




10 Ways to Say Thank You:

  1. Say the words!  If your staff stayed back late last night to finish a project, a simple “Thanks so much for staying back last night Lucy.  I really appreciate it and your dedication has not gone unnoticed”.
  2. If your client has just done something nice for you such as linked to you on their site or given you a referral, think outside the square a little to show your appreciation.  Is there a little job they have been meaning to get around to that you can help with, are they local – surprise them with a morning tea, promote them in your next newsletter with a public thank you.
  3. Recognize what the team member has accomplished publicly. For example, send the employee an email and copy your boss. Use Twitter, your blog and Facebook to recognize their good job. Comment on their work on LinkedIn.
  4. The uniqueness of a handwritten note will not go unnoticed. Send a thank you note but not to the team member. Send it to their boss, spouse or child. Your thank you will have a much bigger impact if you express your appreciation to someone who may have sacrificed while your team member was working on your project.
  5. Write a brief article or notice to a trade organization or magazine to broadcast the quality of your team member’s work. Consider putting something in your company’s newsletter or other communication tool.
  6. When thanking consultants or sub-contractors that are used on an ongoing basis, consider sending a gift basket, edible treats or flowers. If you decide to use this type of gesture make sure you do it at an off-peak time when their office isn’t overwhelmed with cards or gifts (like the Christmastime holidays).
  7. Don’t forget to recognize other team members like public officials that took part through approvals or inspections. Their contributions are rarely recognized. Even though they aren’t paid members of your team, their contributions do make a significant impact on the success of your project. Keep in mind that there may be restrictions in place that prevent public officials from accepting gifts but the goodwill value of a thank you is priceless.
  8. Recognition doesn’t necessarily have to relate to the work that consultants or sub-contractors are doing for you. Keep an eye out for news about their company either online or in print. Send a note acknowledging whatever the accomplishment was (company growth, project completion, promotion, etc.)
  9. If possible, invite sub-contractors’ and consultants’ employees to celebratory events related to your successful project. Include not only the employees that worked on the project but their boss and support staff. Quite often consultants’ support staff doesn’t get a chance to see the end result of their work and input.
  10. Be original. Make your thank you memorable so that its impact will be long lasting.

As a Virtual Assistant, I am lucky enough to be a receiver of many thanks.  Through email, over the phone and even … face to face!  A sincere and unexpected thank you gives me a real buzz and a sense of pride in how I have helped make a client’s day easier.

Help spread the word with a comment!   How have you said thanks recently, and why did you feel motivated to do so? 

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