Time Off At Kawakawa Beach

January 24, 2010

As part of our ‘fanatical fitness week’, my daughter Tara and I went for a walk along the Kawakawa Beach coastline.  Scenery was so fantastic I decided to veer away from my usual, business orientated blogs, and show you what we get up to in our free time.
Walked up “Hell Hill”, 1hr 40minutes both ways with lots of stops on the way up to give the legs time to stop shaking.
Walk up to the shops to get photos printed.  Slipped off the wagon a little and visited McDonalds for the Classic Chicken Burger (mmmmmm).

Another long walk, no hills today! 
Tried to co-ordinate our movements to keep in time with the Zumba DVD (beginner lesson – I don’t think so!)
Morning at the beach


Lesiurely stroll through Auckland’s Botanic Gardens.  Sculpture exhibition going on at the moment with some great scultpures.  A couple of late ducklings were the clear favourites for us.
Ok – it was a five day week of fitness! 

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