What Exactly Does A Virtual Assistant Do?

May 21, 2013

by Justine Parsons

I often am asked what tasks a virtual assistant can help a business owner with.  This post covers popular services a VA offers.

To follow is a list of services I helped clients with over the last six weeks:

  • arrange appointmentsHow can I help you?
  • manage email accounts
  • process accounts
  • credit control
  • format Word documents
  • create amazing spreadsheets
  • write blog posts
  • share and promote blog posts
  • create newsletters
  • perform online social media account audits
  • deliver online stats reports (social & web)
  • update contracts
  • develop procedures
  • website optimisation
  • create presentation in Prezi
  • create presentation in PowerPoint and upload into YouTube
  • content marketing
  • social media management
  • Facebook updates
  • internet research
  • run payroll
  • upgrade website
  • format auto responders
  • online directory submissions
  • set up social media profiles
  • good old fashioned typing!
  • convert financials into Excel charts
  • create proposal for funding
  • set up auto responders
  • proof read content
  • setup CRM system
  • transcribe audio files

Different VA’s offer different strengths, many specialise in areas such as websites, social media, law or real estate.  Working with a small team allows me to offer a diverse range of services and because of this range we are constantly exposed to new tools, apps, programmes and ideas which may help your business to perform better.

It has been my goal to create a one stop shop supporting small business owners.  I’m getting there!

Your turn: We all (myself included) fall into the trap of thinking it’s quicker to do things ourselves rather than think longer term.  What do you find hardest about delegating?


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